1. Vision Statement CCDRCSA vision is to be a social platform with a purpose to unite Congolese people living in South Africa and work together on issues of common interest.
2.CCDRCSA mission is to achieve its calling of social assistance.

Support us

We have been supporters of Congolese Community DRC in South Africa, because of the significant contribution it has made to the neediest. The Congolese Community (DRC) in South Africa which started two years ago has provided and continues to provide free professional services, counseling, social assistance, education, advocacy ect.
This is only made possible though through the generous funding we have received from members of our community and the citizens of South Africa like you. This year though we are specifically seeking donations to fund the education for the neediest. As an educated person like you would understand, the access to education is of extreme importance to the integral development of our community. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the organization to continue provide their excellent services to the neediest.
The reason behind this is due to the increasing costs and the current economic environment. That's the reason why we are contacting you. We feel strongly about the Congolese Community work that we are reaching out to request you this financial support for the organization. Any amount you offer will be put to good use. Your financial help will help the organization to continue providing assistance to all the neediest people of the community.
Please send your donation amount to the banking details below.
Yours Faithfully,
On behalf of the organization
General Secretary
Menda Tshitenga Jean Willy
Our account details:
Account Name: Congolese Community DRC in South Africa
Bank Name: Nedbank
Account no: 1068152702
Branch code: 19190500
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ .



The Congolese Community drc in South Africa welcomes everyone who is interested to become our member and to be part of voluntary supporters of the slum.


About us

The Congolese community (DRC) in South Africa, which started two years ago, was borne out of a compelling need to help the needy. The community has striven to develop a range of initiatives to provide social assistance, education for capacity development, and advocate on the principles of human rights and bring meaningful help to the needy.
The organization seeks to unite Congolese people living in South Africa, friends of D.R.Congo and people of alike minds as well as intertwining cultural values in order to achieve its mission through converging efforts toward common objectives and voluntary support of the programs leading to a prosperous community.
The degree to which there is a presence and activity of a voluntary social assistance initiative is said to be an indicator of the level of our commitment to being a caring community. The Congolese community also embraces the principle of social and cultural diversities, which are its core values. We desire to know you, and introduce the organization to anyone who is interested to know about our homely community.

Contact us

Physical Address:
260 Louis Botha Orange Grove, Johannesburg
Phone: (+27)11 075 5519 | Cel.: (+27)72 427 4425
Fax: (+27) 86 204 1753 | P.O Box : 46225 Orange Grove 2119
E-mail: info@congolesecommunitydrcsa.com